Our next open days are our Open House on Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th

Open for Mail Order Now.

We have had some losses in storage, so our availablility list might not be accurate as we wait for things to come up. You should email or call for availability

before placing orders. You should also check for availability if you are coming to the store and know what you want, so we can make sure it is available.

Our retail store in Edina has now been closed.  You can call or e-mail us and setup an appointment in Lester Prairie outside of our open weekends.  We are always glad to show you the perfect hostas for your garden.  Our contact information is on the bottom of each page. We will also have a big presence at the annual Minnesota Arboretum Plant Sale on May 11 & 12, so you can see our plants and leave with what you want for the upcoming year.

 We will keep our Facebook page up to date with special shopping days and events.  

Savory's Gardens--Selling Hostas Since 1946

When you decide to make a purchase of hostas, we know that you have a lot of stores (retail and online) to choose from.  Thank you for choosing Savory's Gardens.  We offer over 700 high quality plants for immediate shipment to your home.  No other hosta grower has the long and proven track record that we do. We have built this site to make it easy and fun to  buy the plants that you want for your garden. You can download our 2019 catalog by clicking here.


Ordering From Savory's

Open Ordering form here.

Open Ordering form here.

Savory's Ivory coast introduction

Savory's Ivory coast introduction

When you have made your selection, you can count on us to pack your order in a way that will get plants to you in prime condition.  We ship bare root plants.  We ship during two prime planting periods:

  • Late April to Mid June

  • September to early October

Unfortunately, we sometimes run out of plants before you place your orders.  If you see a plant preceded by a red "X", that means we are out of stock today.  Check back later to see if we might have new stock on hand. 

We are committed to your satisfaction and getting joy from your garden investment.  Over the next few years, your purchase will mature into a beautiful adult plants. Some of our hostas date back over four decades.

All of our plants are Minnesotan inspected stock. Terms and conditions of our warranty are stated on our Ordering page.