Step 1:  Choose your hostas and quantities that you would like to buy.  You can shop online or download our catalog in PDF form here.  Our minimum order is $35.00.  Minnesota resident must pay 6.875 percent sales tax.

Step 2:  Shipping is $12.95 for the first 8 plants and $1.00 for each addition plant. We ship by USPS.

Step 3: 

You can also print out an online order form, fill it in, and e-mail it to: HostasFromSavorys@gmail.com. 

Step 4:  We will double check your order and plant availability.  We will send you a confirmation e-mail and send you an invoice which you can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Step 5:  We will ship your plants bare root by USPS during the time windows listed below.  We are experts at planting and shipping, but do know that it is important to get your new hostas into the groundWe will let you know when to expect them.

SPRING SHIPPING - late April through early June
FALL SHIPPING - September through early October


While we make every effort to keep plants in stock, it is impossible for us to forecast customer demand for nearly 700 hostas.  If you see a red "X" in front of a plant, that means it is presently out of stock.  You may check back later to see if we may have received additional shipments.


All plants are from Minnesota inspected stock, are of the highest quality. They are guaranteed to be true to name. We cannot be responsible for plants lost by causes beyond our control. We are unable to assume any warranty as
to productiveness or life after planting.

All claims must be made within 5 days after receiving shipment.
Prices are subject to change.